Shopping Secrets: Get a Better Butt in Jeans

Allow us to set the scene: you’re standing in your bedroom in front of the mirror. There’s a stack of jeans that just arrived in the mail, laying on your bed waiting to be tried on. You reach for the first pair, shimmy into them, then proceed to…turn around and check out your butt. Are we right or are we right?

While finding your perfect pair of jeans is about the overall fit as a whole, let’s be honest: a pair that flatters your booty automatically earns a place in the “keep” pile. Believe it or not, having an OMG-these-jeans-look-amazing moment doesn’t have to be luck of the draw. There are a few key things to look for when denim shopping that indicate a pair may be the best jeans for your butt. Keep these five features in mind and the search for your dream-jeans will end with a pair that makes your derrière look just like the juicy peach emoji.

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Denim Details That Define Your Butt

  • Pocket Placement
  • Yoke
  • Rise
  • Wash
  • Leg Shape
As always, it’s the details that make the difference and women’s jeans are no exception. From the placement of the pockets to the rise and even down to the leg shape, all of these elements play a role in defining your ahem, asset. Of course, no two butts are the same, so there’s not a one-size-fits-all recipe for flattery. Depending on your unique shape, there are certain features you’ll want to look for that can lift, add curves and all around boost your booty. If it sounds like magic trick, it’s because it kind of is. You just need to know the secrets to creating the illusion, and we’re spilling those below!

Pocket Placement Matters

This may be the most obvious tip, but pay attention to pocket placement. Pockets act like a highlighter and can have a booty-boosting effect if you choose wisely. Wider-set pockets that are ever-so-slightly angled outward toward the bottom will round out your butt and create a curvier shape. Bonus points if they’re placed higher up on your bum because they’ll make things look super perky back there. Wanting even more oomph? Choose pockets with details that add dimension and volume, like distressing or contrast stitching.

All About Yoke Shape

Forget squats. All you need is the right yoke and you can instantly lift your booty. We’re not kidding! What’s a yoke, you say? No, we’re not talking about eggs, but rather the seam that sits above the back pockets and just below the waistband. Typically, a yoke dips down in the middle and rises slightly higher toward your hips. Think of it like contouring for your butt! A curved or sweetheart-shaped yoke gives the illusion of a curvier shape. If you’re looking for lift, a deeper-V shape is what you’ll want. The deeper the V, the more lifted the look. The flatter the yoke, well…

Choose the Right Rise

When it comes to flattering your booty, your jeans should rise to the occasion. The key is choosing a rise that hits your butt at just the right place: not so high that your bum looks long or too low that your shape is cut off. If you have an hourglass shape, a high-rise that snatches you at the smallest point of your waist will make your booty appear curvier. Otherwise a mid-rise is the perfect in-between.

If you have a curvier booty, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with waist gaping: when the jeans that fit your butt are too big in the waist and gap around your middle. And it’s not just a pain to deal with, it can actually make your figure appear bulky. To fight this, look for jeans with a stretchy (read: gap-proof) waistband that flexes to your curves, hugging your middle for a custom fit.

Washes that Flatter

There’s always an of-the-moment denim wash that’s trending. Right now for fall we’re loving deep indigo and even grey. When it comes to the wash that makes your butt look amazing, it’s all about the shade. Dark washes create a sleek look from waist to ankle, streamlining your figure, booty included. Light washes, on the other hand, highlight your shape and put the spotlight on your curves and backside. If you’re looking to emphasize your butt, choose a lighter wash or look for jeans with subtle fading at the back to contour your shape.

Leg Shapes to Balance Your Silhouette

Hear us out. Fashion is all about visuals. Proportions play a large part in determining what’s flattering and what’s not. By diverting the eye from a certain area or choosing a piece that balances your shape, you can create a more flattering silhouette. If you have a curvier bum, flares or bootcut jeans are a perfect choice to balance out your lower half.  A more tapered leg, on the other hand, makes your butt appear more pronounced, creating a curvier look. Consider yourself in our inner circle now that you know our top tips for finding jeans that fit your butt perfectly! If you pay attention to these five features next time you’re shopping, you’ll be coming up with denim win after win and your booty will thank you.


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