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Ohhh dream jeans. The elusive, perfect-fitting, look-amazing-on, booty-popping, leg-lengthening, go-with-everything, never-want-to-take-them-off pair. If only they were easier to come across. Finding the best plus size jeans for your unique shape can take some serious trial and error. No two bodies are the same, so what looks good on someone else might not be the best fit for you.

To make life a heck of a lot easier, we’re sharing our top tips for choosing flattering plus size jeans. From the fabric to the details, armed with knowledge of what to look for you’ll be able to spot the crème de la crème of jeans before you even get a chance to try them on. No more dreaming, just the best plus size jeans IRL.

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What to Look for in Flattering Plus Size Jeans

  • Stretch Denim
  • Silhouette-balancing Shapes
  • Mid-to-high Rises
  • Pocket Placement
  • Dark Washes

You’re looking at the five most important elements of flattering jeans for curvy women. First up: the fabric. It has to have the perfect amount of stretch.

Next, the shape should create a sleek silhouette. Of course, the rise needs to be comfortable and keep you secure. Then there’s pocket placement, which has the power to make you booty look like a 10/10.

Lastly, the wash is what really seals the deal. If you can check all these pieces off your denim shopping list, deciding whether to add-to-bag or not will be a piece of cake.
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Stretch Denim to Hug Your Curves

When you find the perfect pair of women’s jeans, you’ll just know. You know how? You’ll never want to take them off, and we can pretty confidently say you’ll have stretch denim to thank for that. Stretch gives denim a second-skin, made-for-you feel. Not only is it super comfy, but it flexes to your shape, fitting your curves like a glove. This is key for curvy girls looking for the best plus size jeans!

Jean Shapes to Balance Your Figure

Jeans may only cover from your waist down, but they define your whole figure. Think of your body in proportions. Your waist up is one half while your waist down is the other. If you have a larger middle or top half, you’ll want to balance that out with a wider jean shape on your lower half. Flare or bootcut style are perfect options to create a more proportionate silhouette. Just make sure you choose styles that are fitted through the hips and thighs and flare out just below the knee for a streamlined look. Jeans with a tapered leg can be flattering to curvy shapes too, creating a sleek line from top to bottom.

Flattering Denim Rises

Let’s just say there’s a reason low-rise denim is hard to come by these days, thankfully. When it comes to plus size jeans, pairs with a mid-to-high rise are best. Not only does this cut emphasize your waist, doing the absolute most for your figure, but it also holds you in. Whether you’re sitting, standing, dancing (hello girls’ night), or whatever else you do in your denim, you won’t be constantly adjusting or pulling up you pants. If you ask us, comfort is a non-negotiable when it comes to finding your unicorn jeans and a flattering mid-to-high rise is key.

Perfect Pocket Placement

Sure, there’s no such thing as perfect, butt (no, that’s not a typo) perfect does exist when it comes to the pocket placement on your jeans. Pockets define your backside and are what makes or breaks a booty-popping pair. To add curves and round out your booty, choose pockets that are wider set and turn out slightly toward the bottom. For a little lift, look for pockets that sit slightly higher up on your booty. This will visually draw the eye up and make your bum appear lifted.

Keeping these fit tips in mind, our VENUS Lift Jeans were literally designed to make your booty look amazing. With higher, wider-set pockets that are rounded along the outer edges, they not only boost your booty, but give it a lifted look too. And we’re not just saying that because they’re ours—over 600 5-star reviews don’t lie! One reviewer who goes by Camlop said, “makes the booty pop!” while Dani raved that, “The design of the back pockets make your bum look higher and tighter.” [Insert mic drop here] But really, who doesn’t want that?! Like all of our size-inclusive denim, you can find our Lift Jeans up to a size 24.
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"Makes the Booty Pop!"

Dark Wash Denim

Come on over to the dark side. Just like your beloved LBD that magically makes you look like a million bucks every time you slip it on, dark wash denim has the same effect. Whether a deep blue hue or an elevated black wash, dark denim creates a streamlined silhouette from waist to ankle. Acting like an airbrush, dark washes instantly lengthen the look of your legs and create a sleek, smooth shape. Lucky for you, it’s as if the universe had you in mind when it conjured up this season’s top denim trends because indigo is having a serious moment. The dark, inky hue is giving a fresh spin to classic jeans and more trendy silhouettes alike. It’s a win-win: look your best and be right on trend.

There you have it: the five keys to choosing the best plus size jeans. Keep an eye out for these elements next time you’re denim shopping and we can almost guarantee you’ll find a pair you’re going to fall for. In fact, you might want to buy multiple pairs so you never have to be without, even on laundry day.


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