Denim Diaries: The Best Jeans for Curvy Women

Finding a perfect-fitting pair of jeans can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. While there’s certainly no shortage of denim out there, the pair that fits you like a second skin takes some trial and error (read: lots of shimmying into-and-out of pair after pair) to find. From skinnies to flares, super stretch to no stretch at all, the best jeans for curvy women are ones that cater to your unique curves, hugging in all the right places. To help you narrow the search, we’re breaking down what to look for in jeans that flatter curvy body types.

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Denim Features that Highlight Curves

  • High-rise waistlines
  • Straight legs
  • Stretchy denim

There may not be any one-size-fits-all pair of magic jeans, but there are a few denim features that especially flatter curvy shapes. High-rise waistlines, stretch denim and straight-leg shapes tend to be the best jeans for curvy women.

High-Rise Silhouettes

When it comes to highlighting your figure, a high-rise waistline never fails. Sitting right at or below your natural waistline, high-rise jeans emphasize your curves and even create the illusion of a more defined middle. Not to mention, they tend to be the most comfortable—hugging your hips and providing coverage at your tummy for a super secure and supported feeling. High-rise jeans look so chic with a crop top that hits right at the waistline, or with tucked-in tops and bodysuits as well.

Stretch Denim

The most surefire way to find jeans that have a feels-like-custom fit for curvy bodies is to choose a pair with stretch. Stretch denim molds to your curves, playing up your unique figure. Too much stretch can cause jeans to lose their shape, but VENUS’ comfort stretch denim has just the right amount of give to flex without bagging out. From skinny jeans and bootcut pairs to flares, you’ll find just about any denim silhouette you’re looking for in our comfort stretch fabric. (Read: our stretchy jeans are a curvy girl’s best friend!)

Straight Leg Shapes

Straight-leg jeans are having a moment—and good news because their casual, relaxed fit is both universally flattering and super comfy (read: not restricting). With a straight cut from thigh to ankle, they create a sleek silhouette that streamlines curves.


When it comes to leg shapes, don’t feel limited! Curvy girls have the luxury of being able to rock so many different cuts. Wide leg, flare and bootcut styles that are wider below the knee help to balance curves. Just make sure to choose pairs that are fitted through the hips and thigh to not overwhelm your shape.

How to Style Your Jeans

There’s no more tried-and-true wardrobe staple than denim. Finding your signature pair of women’s jeans that you’ll reach for over and over (and again) is key to a well-rounded closet. Whether you go casual on lowkey days, pairing your jeans with a tee and sneakers, or dress them up for a night out, think of denim as a blank canvas full of outfit possibilities. For a fun date or more casual work environment, we recommend pairing your denim with elevated pieces like a blouse or blazer. These elements add a polished finish to your outfit that you can amp up even more with accessories. Not every pair of jeans was made for every body, but VENUS has a variety of jeans for every body. While these are just a few denim features that flatter curvy shapes, we recommend trying a variety of silhouettes and leg shapes to find your perfect fit. Stock your closet with the best denim for curvy women and you’ll know exactly what to reach for any time you need to look and feel your best!


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