Best Jeans for Apple Shapes

Best Jeans for Apple-Shaped Bodies Even though everyone has a unique body shape and size, we can all agree on a universal truth: We love when we find a pair of denim that fits like a glove! It’s not always easy to find your perfect fit, but when you do, you never want to let… Continue reading Best Jeans for Apple Shapes

Best Jeans for Curves

Denim Diaries: The Best Jeans for Curvy Women Finding a perfect-fitting pair of jeans can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. While there’s certainly no shortage of denim out there, the pair that fits you like a second skin takes some trial and error (read: lots of shimmying into-and-out of pair… Continue reading Best Jeans for Curves

VENUS & Climate Neutrality

VENUS & Climate Neutrality Achieving Climate Neutrality VENUS is on a mission to reach climate neutrality by 2030. While it won’t happen overnight, the small decisions we make every day contribute to reducing our environmental impact. From our swimwear made of recycled materials to the solar energy that powers our headquarters, we’re actively working to… Continue reading VENUS & Climate Neutrality

How to Wear Dresses with Boots

How to Wear Boots with Dresses It’s time to get excited about cooler weather and wearing your favorite fall boots. Whether you’re looking for new ways to style a tried and true pair or you’re outfitting something new, one question remains: How to wear boots with dresses? There are a few do’s and don’ts when… Continue reading How to Wear Dresses with Boots

Plastic Free July

A Global Movement: Plastic Free July What Is Plastic Free July? If the scorching heat isn’t convincing enough, it’s time we all started putting our best foot (and fashion) forward for Mother Earth. Plastic Free July ® is a global movement started in 2011 with the aim of supporting cleaner streets, oceans and communities by… Continue reading Plastic Free July

Best Shorts for Pear Shape & Curvy Thighs

The Most Flattering Shorts for Pear-Shaped Body Types Not to be dramatic, but the right (or wrong) pair of shorts has the ability to make (or break) your whole spring and summer. This season, we won’t let shorts get in the way of your goddess energy. We know the options can be overwhelming, so why… Continue reading Best Shorts for Pear Shape & Curvy Thighs

Best Swimsuits for Moms

Mom-Approved Swimsuits: Finding the Perfect Fit for Stylish Summer Fun The pool? Relaxing? Let’s be honest—the best part about beach and pool days is how tired your kids are after the fact. We’re kidding, obviously, but one thing that’s true is that us moms still want to look good even as our little ones practice… Continue reading Best Swimsuits for Moms

Dresses for a Backyard Wedding

Backyard Wedding Guest Dresses This season, it seems like all the wedding invites on our fridge have one thing in common: the dress code, garden party attire. We know what you’re thinking, “Florals for a wedding? Groundbreaking!” But don’t worry because VENUS has the most romantic and head-turning dresses perfect for every garden party or… Continue reading Dresses for a Backyard Wedding

Formal Wedding Guest Dresses

Your Official Guide to Formal Wedding Guest Dresses POV: You just opened a very thick wedding invitation and see that elegant calligraphy signaling a formal dress code. Cue the panic, right? Unlike the magnet that’s been tasked with holding the invite on your fridge, you can relax knowing that VENUS has the best selection of… Continue reading Formal Wedding Guest Dresses

Best Dresses for Pear Shapes

Best Dresses for Pear-Shaped Body Establish yourself as the style icon of your group chat by educating yourself on what dress styles flatter your pear-shaped figure. Once you have that down, suddenly, everyone’s going to be hitting you up with selfies of their date night outfits! Before you become their personal stylist, start with filling… Continue reading Best Dresses for Pear Shapes

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