A Global Movement: Plastic Free July

What Is Plastic Free July?

If the scorching heat isn’t convincing enough, it’s time we all started putting our best foot (and fashion) forward for Mother Earth. Plastic Free July ® is a global movement started in 2011 with the aim of supporting cleaner streets, oceans and communities by encouraging millions of people to reduce their single-use plastic consumption. Find tips and resources to reduce single-use plastic waste at home, work, school and more at PlasticFreeJuly.org.

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The Honest Truth About Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has become a serious environmental issue, with plastic production projected to quadruple by 2050, according to Forbes.com. Even more worrisome is that greenhouse gas emissions from plastic could reach up to 13% of Earth’s entire remaining carbon budget. Forbes also states that only 13% of these plastics are recycled in the U.S. Big yikes.

The fashion industry plays a significant role in plastic pollution—so that means your beloved wardrobe is one of the top culprits. Synthetic fibers are found in inconspicuous places that we rarely think about, like elastic waistbands, buttons and zippers.

VENUS Is Acting More Responsibly with Plastic

We acknowledge that it’s crucial for companies and individuals to start taking plastic recycling seriously. Thankfully there are brands that care!


At VENUS, our core swim solids are designed with recycled fabrics crafted from repurposed pre- and post-consumer materials, assuring that they have a reduced environmental footprint. By using recycled fibers, we conserve natural resources, reduce the use of chemicals and emit fewer carbon emissions in the production process. And that’s not all. The mailers we use to ship our styles to your door are made of recycled post-consumer materials. More on that below.

How to Live More Sustainably

Every small change helps to make a difference, no matter how insignificant it may seem in the grand scheme of things. Learn about how you can reduce single use plastic every day.

A few things you can do are:
  • Buy clothing made of natural fibers, like 100% cotton
  • Avoid using plastic straws; edible or paper versions are a better option
  • Carry reusable bags when shopping
  • Chew less gum (yes, chewing gum has plastic in it!)
  • Buy foods in bulk, which cuts down on packaging
  • Use glass or steel containers for food storage
  • Recycle plastic bottles and other single-use items (and make sure to place them in the correct bin)

How VENUS Customers Can be More Responsible with Plastic

Recycle VENUS Mailers

VENUS ships all orders in mailers made of recycled post-consumer materials. What exactly is post-consumer material? It’s generated by end-users, and it can no longer be used for its intended purpose. VENUS mailers are made from discarded plastic that was collected, cleaned and repurposed at a processing facility, turning the used plastic into the “new” recycled bag. By using recycled mailers, you are supporting a circular economy (a closed loop system) which reduces the amount of waste and uses less resources to repurpose, compared to raw materials.

Our customers can actively participate in sustainability efforts by recycling the mailers they receive. We recommend removing the paper shipping label from your VENUS mailer before bringing it to a store-drop off location, as the adhesives used to apply the paper shipping label can disrupt the recycling process.

Visit How2Recycle, our current partner, to find a drop-off location where you can recycle your VENUS mailer.

Shop VENUS Swimwear & Clothing Made of Recycled Material

It’s so easy to shop without considering what goes into your clothing. A good habit to get into is label checking to ensure you’re filling your closet with environmentally-conscious styles. VENUS offers swimwear and clothing made from recycled and re-purposed post-consumer materials, like PET plastic bottles, old garments or fishing nets. By choosing these styles, customers support a process that uses fewer resources, produces fewer CO2 emissions and reduces the use of fossil fuels compared to creating virgin polyester.

Sustainability at VENUS

VENUS cares about the environment and our commitment to sustainability goes beyond recycled materials. In June, we partnered with SeaTrees, a non-profit that works to restore the health of our oceans and improve biodiversity that helps protect blue-carbon coastal ecosystems. We gave one dollar from every purchase of our sustainable swimsuits to SeaTrees, which was used to plant mangrove trees in Mida Creek, Kenya—contributing to ecosystem preservation.

VENUS follows seven pillars of sustainability:
  • Climate
  • Supply Chain
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Circularity
  • Conscious Customers
  • Empowered Employees
  • Digital Responsibility

Check back to the VENUS Style Seeker blog next month to learn more about how we’re striving to achieve a 40% reduction of carbon emissions by 2025. We’ll share our goals toward climate neutrality, as part of our climate pillar of sustainability. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and create a more sustainable world.  
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