Must-Have Outdoor Country Wedding Guest Dresses

Check your chaps and spurs at the door, we’re doing country wedding guest styling without the honky or the tonk. Wide open views, rustic barns and starlit evening skies—say less! Outdoor country weddings take place in breathtaking destinations that can inspire an even more stunning wedding guest look.


First things first, an outdoor wedding usually calls for a more casual dress code, but it’s always a good idea to check to make sure you’re on point (and look the part). To make it even easier on you, we’ve rounded up our face picks for nailing the country wedding vibe with a casual-dressy twist. And don’t worry, we won’t be talking about cow-tipping today! No, today it’s all about finding the perfect country wedding guest dress.

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Country Wedding Guest Dress Trends

When it comes to countryside wedding fashion, there are a few things you’ll want to consider:

  • Frilly details match the rustic atmosphere
  • Luxe fabrics add an elevated feel
  • Follow the dress code
  • Pair your outfit with comfortable shoes

Dresses with Frilly Details

Weddings in outdoor country settings or with a rustic barn venue often have a free-spirited vibe. Of course, our first thought is frilly details to complement that relaxed ambiance. To match the casually boho feel and dreamy atmosphere, choose a wedding guest dress with frilly details. One of our favorite elements is ruffles, like the ones featured on our Ruffle Wrap Maxi Dress. A feminine ruffled hem and puff sleeves make this breezy maxi a country wedding guest go-to.


And let’s not forget about lace! It’s a timeless choice that fits perfectly into the setting of a country celebration without looking like grandma’s doily. Intricate lace detailing elevates our Off-The-Shoulder Lace Dress just enough for an outdoor wedding, giving it romantic appeal. It’s guaranteed to turn some heads, and who knows, maybe even get you to ride off in to the sunset with one of the groomsmen!

Elevate Your Outfit With Luxe Fabrics

If the dress code allows, go for country glam. Luxe fabrics help elevate your look without needing to overdo it with embellishments. Satin is the way to go, and our Satin Midi Dress checks all the boxes when it comes to adding a level of sophistication to your look. The subtle cowl neck and sleek sheen liven up your country wedding styling without going overboard on the bling.

The Dressy Casual Dress Code

Now, when we hear “outdoor country wedding” we may be inclined to dress more casual than a formal black-tie affair. But don’t be that guest who shows up in a tee and jeans. There’s a time and place, and this isn’t it. Instead, opt for a flirty sundress that offers the same level of comfort and versatility with a much more polished feel. To fit the dressy casual vibe, consider:
  • Mini dresses with twirly skirts
  • Breezy maxi dresses
  • Dresses with pockets
  • Accessories that bring a little sparkle

Don’t Forget Comfortable Shoes

Let’s face it: It’s a wedding, so there’s bound to be dancing involved. Don’t forget about comfy shoes. Plus, if the wedding is outside, you don’t want to worry about battling tough terrain in heels. We suggest flat sandals or cute chunky wedges that are perfect for navigating grass or uneven barn floors.

RSVP “Yes!” with Confidence

So there you have it. RSVP “Yes” with confidence knowing you’ll find the perfect countryside wedding guest dress at VENUS. Whether understated or boasting feminine details, the guest dress you choose will have you turning heads when you make your entrance. Happy celebrating!


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