The Most Flattering Dresses for An Apple-Shaped Body

Let’s get real about shopping for your body type: it’s not always easy. Finding pieces that flatter your figure can be a tricky and sometimes daunting task, but we’re here to make it easy. At VENUS, we strive to create unique apparel that inspires confidence every day of the week, from coffee dates turned hours-long brunches to formal wedding weekends. Our thinking: If your wardrobe is filled with styles fit for any occasion that flatter your shape too, you’ll always look (and feel!) your best. So, if you have an apple-shaped figure, we’ve got you. Consider these styling tips and tricks when choosing the best dresses for an apple shape.

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Characteristics of an Apple-Shaped Body

Not sure if you have an apple-shaped figure? Here’s a cheat sheet. You might be apple shaped if you have:

  • Broad shoulders and back
  • Average to large bust
  • Less defined waistline
  • Narrow hips
  • An “O” shape

The apple shape is characterized by broader shoulders and back compared to narrow hips and rear, along with a less defined waistline and thinner arms and legs. If you’re an apple shaped woman, fret not! With just a few style and fit tips from VENUS, you can look and feel your best in a dress that highlights your best features.
Apple Body Shape Graphic
Illustration of Apple Body Type

How to Style Your Shape

When it comes to choosing the best dresses for an apple shape, look for silhouettes that elongate your figure and create the illusion of a defined waistline. Think maxi dresses and wrap or belted styles that cinch your middle. Skirts that flare out will help to balance your upper body, while chic sleeve details accentuate your shape in all the right ways. And here’s a tip: diagonal and vertical stripes can work wonders thanks to their lengthening effect.

Best Dresses for an Apple Shape

A ruffle wrap dress, like the VENUS style featured below, is perfect for an apple shaped body. With a flowing skirt and wrap silhouette, it does the trick when you’re looking to define your natural waist. Plus, the bold hue and forgiving draping of the fabric instantly elevate your look for any occasion.

For more casual outings, this an A-line dress is a fun option that flatters your apple shape by balancing your figure. For an extra narrowing effect, go for belted A-line styles with dramatic sleeves that draw the eye up. The leopard sweater dress featured below has a statement silhouette that is ready for non-stop compliments! No really, keep them coming!

Styles to Avoid

There are so many flattering ways to flaunt your apple-shaped figure and showcase your favorite features, but there are a few styles you’ll want to avoid.

  • Steer clear of billowing fabrics at waistline—they add extra volume and may make your middle appear wider
  • Tapered hemlines do the opposite of balancing your shape, so it’s best to skip those too
  • Oversize or baggy styles will hide all your natural curves, so let’s pass on those

Dress to Feel Confident

Above all else, the ultimate key to choosing a flattering dress for your apple body shape is picking one that stays true to your individual style and makes you feel confident. Wear the colors you love, the silhouettes that make you feel your best and the accessories that make every look uniquely your own. After all, confidence it the best accessory any woman can wear. Whether you’re a size extra small or you’re a plus size goddess, you can find the perfect dress to flatter your apple-shaped body. Discover sexy plus size dresses that instantly boost your confidence and enhance your shape!


VENUS Zip-Front Leopard Sweater Dress
VENUS Ruffle Wrap Maxi Dress
VENUS Surplice Maxi Dress

Here are a few of our favorite dresses for an apple body shape. And btw, all are available up to size 24! Now that you’ve mastered clothing that flatters your figure, check out our tips for finding the best swimsuit for your apple shape.


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